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Byron When We Two Parted Poem Analysis English Literature Essay

Byron When We Two Parted Poem Analysis English Literature Essay I should note that this poem is often read as meaning that a prior secret lover has made a public fool of him- or herself, and is now being gossiped about in society. Friends discuss it openly in front of the speaker, not knowing of his past relationship, and it reopens all the wounds of the original separation. I should also note that I read this poem slightly differently, based on all the verbal cues that have to do with death, as meaning that the ex-lover is now dead, and is nevertheless the object of societys ridicule as a result of a misspent life, and that the far-distant future meeting is in the afterlife. Its supportable on the face of the poem, but isnt, I believe, the traditional take on it. And thats the beauty of poems- they are subject to individual interpretation. STRUCTURE The poem is divided in four stanzas and each one in eight verses. The rhyme used by Byron follows this structure: abab cdcd efef ghgh ijij klkl mnmn kbkb. Separating each stanza in four verses, we have the rhyme more clear, each even verse and each odd verse rhyme with its equivalent even or odd verse. This structure gives to the poem a lot of rythm, giving the sensation of musicality. RHETORICAL FIGURES In this poem it is too difficult to find rhetorical figures, due to the most important of all the poem is the strength of the words. Despite of this, it can be seen, for example, in the third line a metaphor: half broken-hearted; the poet is expressing us how he and his lover feel when they are two parted. Another striking thing found in the poem is the second part of the fourth stanza. It is the only stanza which repeats the rhyme of other verses and not just the rhyme, but the word itself. E.g. (4) To sever for years/ (30)After long years. If we pay attention, there is also a correspondence of meaning, in the first stanza Byron is telling they are going to sever for years and in the last stanza he is thinking of what he will do when they remeet. With the other two verses is the same, at the first part: (2)In silence and tears is how they react when they are two parted, and in the last part of the poem: (32)With silence and tears is how he is going to have to greet her since they did not meet. COMMENTARY The poem, as I said before, is divided in four stanzas, and each stanza talks about different visions of this love separation. On the whole, the poem is all the time giving the feeling of the pain that the poet has due to the separation of the two lovers; what we cannot know is if the separation is because of death or maybe because she split up with him. In the first stanza the poet begins with the main topic, remembering the separation of the two lovers, how they felt: half broken-hearted , showing his pain. Also he expresses the idea of what we think that this separation is due to the death of his lover with the metaphor of : Pale grew thy cheek and cold,/colder thy kiss. All that sorrounds her is cold, and this cold is a perfect form to express the death in contrast with the warm involving the life. Following with the poem, in the second stanza it can be found the relation of colder morning with the pain that the poet is feeling. Also another time we can see that his lover is dead: thy vows are all broken. Then, it follow with the shame that feels the poet when he hears her name; maybe shame because their relation was a sin. This idea will be developed later with some comments of people that she was a married woman. The third stanza contains strong vocabulary showing again that she is dead: A knell to mine ear; A shudder comes oer me.These two verses remain to the sounds of the bells of a funeral, using the appropriated word Knell. Also he asked himself why he loved her so, and people who knew her well do not know any relation between them. Maybe that people who knew her well could be her family and husband. At the last stanza the poet is remembering when they met and transmits us a feeling of hope: If I should meet thee. Maybe life exists before death and they can reopen their love, and the poet also tell us how they greet: With silence and tears. Some researches say that the person who was addressed this poem is Lady Frances Webster (married woman) and a last stanza was left out to keep the identity of the woman a secret. It was discover when Byron wrote a letter to his cousin Lady Hardy giving her of the last stanza: Then fare thee well Fanny Now doubly undone To prove false unto many As faithless to One Thou art past all recalling Even would I recall For the woman once falling Forever must fall. (3) RELATION OF THE POEM WITH THE HISTORICAL MOMENT When we two parted is included in the historical movement of Romanticism which is an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that originated around the middle of the 18th century in Western Europe, and gained strength during the Industrial Revolution.(4) i[1]During the 19th century Britain was transformed by the Industrial Revelution. Maybe this poem has nothing of realtion with these transformations, but if we consider that in these times people had to work a lot and maybe the husband of Lady Webster spent a lot of time doing business, she probably had more freedom and she felt alone and the solution was to find a lover. Moreover, unfaithfulness is a topic of all the times and the separation of two lovers due to death or for something else happens then, now and after. For that reason we can consider that this poem of pain is a poem for all the times. RELATION OF THE POEM WITH TODAY As I said before, this poem perfectly can be described for people of nowadays, due to Byron expresses wonderfully what people feel when the person they love splits up with them or dies. This is a feeling of all the epochs and centuries, the loneliness and pain provoked by the missing of the person who loves. The poet has also a relation with today, Byron has returned as a figure of great consequence, this is an historical fate to be welcomed. Now he is more appreciated than in his times, because unless in his time he was famous, he was perjudicated by his type of life, having problems with alcohol and women. But now he was recognised as one of the most representative writers of the Romanticism.

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Leading by Virtue Essay

Virtues and Values are very important to health care today. Virtues and values are not about what a person wants to be, but rather virtues and values are about who a person really is. Any changes or decisions will always require people or even the patient’s to examine their values and virtues. ( Sheryl, 2010). Virtue can be defined as the difference between good and bad people meaning beneficial quality or moral excellence. Some examples of virtues include being honest or honesty and justice being what is called abstract principles of virtue that are moral. A person is considered to be virtuous if they do what is right and what is good not by habit, but simply by the rules of conduct they choose to follow or set. Another example of virtue is faithfulness which is fidelity or keeping your word and obligations and commitments to other people or patients. (Pogzar, 2012). Values are conduct that is standard. A value is used for judging whether an action is good or bad. Values are standards that can be measured in regards to goodness in a person’s life. Values can also change if we need them to. Values can even sometimes motivate people. Everyone makes judgments based on what they value or has worth. (Pogzar, 2012). Even though value is all around everyone it is often not recognized. In healthcare today, there is total agreement that values are lessoning. Health care is now reflecting societies who are more heterogeneous (different) and even more open to diverse forms of living with different values. When values comes in clear view that is when values are usually detected. (Petrova, Dale & Fulford, (2006). There are some differences between virtues and values, even though these two words are often confused between each other. When a person has a character of being virtuous this is very important because it consists of things such as being honest, integrity and great work ethic. All three of these characteristics of having virtues are very important in caring for the patients we are suppose to be serving. It is even possible for 2 people to have values that are different and still be virtuous. (Sheryl, 2006). Values, on the other hand, are not considered to be serious or sobering in nature. Things that are valued include volunteer work, artistic expression, humor and music. Other examples of value include valuing the time you spend with your children, caring for your parents may be of value to a person, A difference in age may affect a person’s value system such as what a person valued or did not valued at 25 may be the opposite when they turn 50 years of age. (Petrova, Dale & Fulford, (2006). How do virtues and values affect one’s character? Virtue and values can affect one’s character in so many ways and certain types of values are positive, guide you to character traits that end up being ethical virtues. With these values and virtues following right behind, can actually create a life that is good and successful. This affect on ones character can affect a person personally, academically and professionally. In virtues a person’s character will define their ethical character. Value can affect one’s character negatively or positively. Not all values will lead to virtues, but lead to devices instead. Not all value systems are good, but actually lead to unethical behavior. ((Abbott, 2012). How are virtues and values acquired? Virtues are internal qualities acquired that an individual has that shows characteristics of their good behavior. Values, on the other hand, are learned. (Benn, 2012). How can they be helpful in resolving health care ethical dilemmas? Whenever ethical dilemmas arrive there are often choices that will need to be made that may have unpleasant results. For caregivers, ethical dilemmas may ending up breaking what is normal or cause contradictions some ethical values. Examples of ethical dilemmas are: Abortion issues (Pro-life or Pro-choice), pregnancy as a result of rape or incest, right-to-die, an example of trying to decide based on virtues and values. (Pozgar, 2012). Identify and discuss a health-related case in which virtues and values played a part. The health-related case study where virtues and values played a part in involves a 20-year old, pregnant Jehovah’s Witness woman who refused to have a blood transfusion after she had been in a car wreck. The patient arrived in the emergency room displaying symptoms of internal bleeding and the medical team wanted to give her a blood transfusion and emergency surgery to try to save her and her baby. The young patient refused the blood transfusion based on her belief in the Jehovah’s Witness teaching where they teach their members to not to receive blood transfusions and this patient’s husband was in agreement with this belief as well. This young couple value system appears to include a strong faith in the teaching of the Jehovah’s Witness that they would risk the loss of the woman and the unborn child to honor their belief. This couple even had written documentation of their belief to not receive blood transfusions. In the value system of the emergency room it involved was the well being of this patient and the unborn 32 week baby against the woman’s religious belief that she stated. The hospital at this time had only 2 options which are accept the patient’s wish to not receive blood transfusion or try to get a court order. This healthcare team chose to honor the wishes of this young couple who were well-informed of the possible results of not getting the blood transfusion and C-section, based on virtue ethics by respecting the autonomy by honoring the decision of the patient. The 20-year old woman and her baby dies. This woman believed in this teaching so strongly that she stated she rather die than go against the teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Pacsi, 2008). In the case study involving the 20-year, pregnant woman we see how the virtues and values that we believe in and live by can play a significant role in issues involving our health. There is no secret that Jehovah Witnesses strongly believe that their members and others should not receive blood transfusion even if it means the blood that they would be receiving could possibly save their life. In the case of this young woman her values and beliefs were so indoctrinated in the teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses she was willing to die and cause the death of her 32 week baby since she also was refusing to have a C-section that could have possibly saved the life of her unborn child. Since the woman was brought in from a single car crash with symptoms of bleeding internally time played a role because the health care team needed to move quickly. This couple believed so strongly in this refusal of blood transfusion that they had documentation to support their belief. Since patients refusal of interventions and blood transfusions appear to becoming more common, health care providers need to have this issue taught about in nursing curriculum. This is a very complex issue and nurses especially new ones need to be properly trained on how to handle this type of situation if it was to arise. Even though the teachings of Jehovah Witnesses is against blood transfusion, in emergency situations that their members have their advance directives and other legal papers in case of emergency which appears to be what this young woman had done. This is an ethical dilemma that health care providers are faced with and need to know what the proper steps to take prior to an emergency situation such as this case arrives in the emergency room. The staff in this case chose to honor the religious values and beliefs of this couple where the mother died along with her unborn baby. The medical staff in this case also felt that the principle of beneficence, which centers on promoting the well-being of others, was honored in this case, as well as the principle of nonmaleficence, meaning they did not inflict any harm on this patient by honoring her wishes. In this case we also see the nursing virtues of moral courage, self-reliance and compassion in being able to understand this situation. . References: Abbott, L. (2012). What is a Value? What is a Virtue? Retrieved from website http://www. odysseyofthefuture. net/pdf_files/Readings/EthicalCharDevWrkshp. pdf Sheryl, (2010). Virtues and Values – Matters of Importance. Retrieved from website http://bestyears. com/blog/? p=257 Pacsi, A. , (2008). Case Study: An ethical decision involving a dying patient. Retrieved from website http://www. thefreelibrary. com/Case+study%3a+an+ethical+dilemma+involving+a+dying+patient. -a0184801424. Petrova, M. , Dale, J. , and Fulford, B. , (2006). Values-based practice in primary care: easing the tensions between individuals values, ethical principles and best evidence. British Journal of General Practice, 56(530). Retrieved from website http://www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pmc/articles/PMC1876638/. Pozgar, G. (2012). Legal aspects of health care administration (11th ed. )

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Just Say No Programs And The War On Drugs Laws - 1375 Words

Regan s passage of â€Å"just say no programs† and â€Å"the war on drugs laws† and the laws focus on stopping drugs use and sales via harsh sentencing laws, that included three-strikes laws, and mandatory minimum sentencing statute. Reagan and Bushes’ laws and governmental racial projects of racial profiling cast new forms of racial control on blacks reminiscent of the days of slavery as the focal point of Regan’s implementation of the â€Å"war on drug laws† centered in poor urban black neighborhoods stripped of jobs, resources, and basic public services. Regan’s enforcing of anti-drug efforts in poor urban black communities led to a form of social control that led to a tripling of the prison population over the past 30 years that reflects enormous†¦show more content†¦Undercover drug buys, and stings are more frequent in African American communities than other parts of a city. For example, over-policing occurs when police conduct drug sweeps in Black neighborhoods, or detain African American motorists for what called driving while Black. Driving while Black is vernacular in the Black Community That refers police protocols that use traffic law to frequently stop and detain Black motorists for vehicle searches without probable cause or reasonable suspicion that would warrant being stopped. Data shows the illegal search and pullovers of vehicles by black, and Hispanic males is a police action performed by officers throughout the nation. Even Famous black celebrities and prominent African Americans say they too have been victimized by police, pulled over and subject to vehicle and bodily searches by police without probable cause. Other than the fact they are the black man driving an expensive car so he must or might be a drug dealer or involved in some criminal behavior to afford such an expensive car, civil rights violations that are invasive as well as intrusive. Police officers also profile certain individ ual because of activities they observe. For example, if person perceived to be poor is frequently seen in an affluent community, that person may be profiled by police as someone with criminal intent. Similarly, if an individual in a poor neighborhood is in possession expensive items, i.e.,Show MoreRelatedThe War On Drugs And The United States956 Words   |  4 PagesThe War on Drugs has become an epidemic today that has afflicted in the United States and the United Nations; both are influenced by international drug laws which preserve the criminal justice system. These new laws promote an ineffective policies on the war on drugs. Therefore, communities are locked while the promotion of illicit drugs become the dominate framework to organized crimes. Today, the war on drugs continues to be an ongoing battle within our society. This paper will examine these issuesRead MoreThe Drug Of Drug Abuse1143 Words   |  5 Pagesfighting drug abuse for over a century. Four Presidents have wag ed a â€Å"War on Drugs† and unfortunately, this war continues to be lost at an alarming magnitude. Drug abusers continue to fill our courts, hospitals, and prisons. The drug trade causes violent crime that ravages our neighborhoods. Children of drug abusers are neglected, abused, and even abandoned. The current methods of dealing with this issue are not working. Our society needs to implement new and effective laws and programs to addressRead MoreThe War On Drugs And The United States1063 Words   |  5 PagesThe War on Drugs has become an epidemic today afflicting United States and the United Nations; which are swayed by global drug laws which preserve the criminal justice system. These new laws promote an ineffective policies on the war on drug. Therefore, communities are locked while the promotion of illicit drugs becomes the dominate framework to organized crimes. Today, the war on drugs continues to be an ongoing battle within our society. This paper will examine these issues focusing primarily onRead MoreThe United States Federal Government1219 Words   |  5 Pagesapproach the United States federal government took in light of the War on Drugs on the wide public education on drug use. I will examine two different articles from Think Progress and The Guardian that argue against the 1986 initiative by Nancy Reagan that became one of the most subtle but destructive aspects about the War on Drugs. She started an country wide program aimed at educating the youth. More specifically on being able to prevent drug use in teenagers. However, there were unintended consequencesRead MoreThe War On Drugs And The United States1063 Words   |  5 PagesThe War on Drugs has become an epidemic today afflicting United States and the United Nations; which are swayed by global drug laws which preserve the criminal justice system. These new laws promote an ineffective policy on the war on drug. Therefore, communities are locked while the promotion of illicit drugs becomes the dominate framework to organized crimes. Today, the war on drugs continues to be an ongoing battle within our society. This paper will examine these issues focusing primarily onRead MoreDrug Addiction : History, Laws, And Treatment Essay1570 Words   |  7 Pages Drug Addiction, History, Laws, and Treatment Drug Addiction itself affects almost  ­Ã¢â‚¬ Twenty-three million Americans are currently addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs. Only one in 10 percent of them (2.6 million) receives the treatment they need. The result: a treatment gap of more than 20 million Americans†(Writer, B. J. 2010). Drug Addiction is it truly a disease or a choice? Many state authority figures say it s a choice not a disease much of science says it s a choice disease, both inRead MoreThe Movie The House I Live 851 Words   |  4 Pages The House I Live in, explains how drug use is a social problem and gives statists on whether the war on drugs is effective or not. Some say the war on drugs is very effective and it helping with society, others believe the total opposite that the war on drugs has no effect on society. Since 1971, the rate of illegal drug use has remained unchanged, but with that being said the war on drugs has resulted in more than forty-five million arrests. The war on drugs has cost over one trillion dollarsRead MoreAmericas War On Drugs1528 Words   |  7 PagesAmerica’s war on drugs has failed. After millions of dollars and untold man hours spent enforcing the prohibition of illegal drugs, there is little, if any, success to show for it. Illicit drugs are still available on most American street corners, drug usage rates have not decreased, and the scourge of drug related violence continues to spread like wildfire. Sadly, the war on drugs has also resulted in the incarceration of millions of Americans for petty possession offenses and has created a blackRead MoreThe War On Drugs Should End934 Words   |  4 Pagesto concentrate its efforts on the interdiction of substance use. Law enforcement and labors of exclusion have not been met with reductions in the accessibility of drugs in America. Aside from being remarkably expensive, drug task agencies have demonstrated racial discrimination and unequal anguish distressed by minority communities. Ul timately, it costs the government extreme amounts of taxpayer dollars to maintain this futile war while disregarding the rights of American citizens. â€Æ' Minority TargetRead MoreThe Federal Government Should Legalize Recreational Marijuana1577 Words   |  7 Pageslosing a major war: the war on drugs. And it is time for us, as a nation, to admit our country’s drug laws are doing more harm than good. The fight against drugs is not as effective as it was originally envisioned. Both the federal government and states have taken extreme measures and enforced strict laws to keep our cities and neighborhoods free of drugs. However, it is time for a change. And I believe this change should start by settling the conflict between federal and state drug laws. The federal