Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Discussion Of Chaucer s The Trustful Three - 978 Words

The Trustful Three (A Discussion of Chaucer s Added Characters ) As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to gather and grow, A.C. Benson. In the Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer speaks of a pilgrimage, or religion journey, and the many people who go with him. The tales are made up of each persons story that they tell along the way. Each of these characters adds to his great story told by Chaucer, however, the question is posed, who could he had from this century that would influence this pilgrimage? There are many types of people who could be added as characters to Chaucer s story, however there are three that stick out in my mind that would make quite a difference. Three types of people that Chaucer could add from our time would be an inspiration speaker, a comedian and lastly a musician to create a change, one that was good, for the journey. The first pilgrim Chaucer might think to add to his group is an inspiration speaker. These types of people have a way with words, they get you to look at things in a new perspective. If an inspirational speaker were to go on the long trek, they may have been able to make the others who were quite sinful with their actions think twine not only about themselves, but the actions that they took. Many of these people lived very hypocritical lives, the inspirational speaker may have been a big help in making them change their naughty sinful ways. During that time an

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North and South Poles Free Essays

Humans need fresh water. We use it for drinking, for washing and to water our plants. Industries need it to power the chemical reactions that produce our modern lives. We will write a custom essay sample on North and South Poles or any similar topic only for you Order Now Even if more than 60% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, this is salt water which is not adept for the purposes we listed above. Of the freshwater in the surface, a vast majority of it is locked in ice caps at the North and South Poles. Moreover, human activity has also slowly contributed to the degradation of surface freshwater sources such as rivers and lakes. Because of this, groundwater is slowly becoming an important source of freshwater for daily use. The search for aquifers would need to draw on some geological concepts. First, aquifers would need a source of groundwater. This groundwater usually comes from rainfall meaning that areas with higher amounts of rainfall are much more likely to have aquifers than areas which don’t have as much rain. Some aquifers may be found in areas which do not have much rain. The water in these aquifers are prehistoric water which came from the previous ice age. While useful, these aquifers are not good sources as the water in the water table is not anymore replenished. Second, aquifers rely on th existence of semi porous rocks to store water. Knowledge of the composition of the rock in an area will help identify possible aquifers if the kind of semi porous rock needed for aquifer formation is found. Lastly, I’d also prioritize valleys and plains over hills and mountains. Specifically, I will choose low lying areas near open bodies of water as these areas would have more accessible ground water as the surface of the ground is not very far from the water table. Incidentally, I would avoid areas near the sea as the groundwater in these places are suspect for saltwater intrusion. Also, I’d be wary of human activity in the area as the aquifer may be located in an area such as a former landfill, chemical disposal, or city. These things may contaminate the groundwater and make it unsafe for drinking. Bibliography Thompson, G.. Turk, J. (2007) Earth Science and the Environment 4th edition. New York: Thomson Brooks Cole How to cite North and South Poles, Papers

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Perfect - Its the Question free essay sample

â€Å"People sometimes act or think there something there not.† Edward James. The reason I bring this subject up is that it nags at me when people think there perfect and don’t do a single thing wrong well I believe that nobody is perfect. Well most people talk like they do so much good but really there ruthless in there heart. One example is when one time at practice our coaches would yell and yell until we did what they told us to but my team for west would shut down because they were told but just normal kids they we sucked and were all ways going to lose but at one game at royal springs before the game I told them that we are far from perfect but we can at least try and after the game the score was 0-38 we crushed them. Another example would be when our quarter back Matt thought he was the best nothing wrong with him but every game he wanted to shine so finally we told him what was up and he took it to heart that he’s good but not perfect. We will write a custom essay sample on Perfect Its the Question or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page My last example is when I would make a mistake I let myself down but one time my momma told me even if you got high expectations you are still going to mess up time after time. â€Å"The only way to be perfect is to never sin or cause disruption in the world and its ways† Moses. A weird example is when people think there doing the right thing and I tell them that really they do bad things they get upset and mad when told the truth in the world and society now these days. There’s this girl I know and she set the perfect example for me her name is Hailey and one day she acted as if she never done nothing bad she was blaming it on everybody else in family and consumer science but then the next thing you know she got wrote up for a dumb reason but she jinxed herself. Well my beliefs changed once I went to Light House Baptist Church and Brother Larry was speaking about how mankind has developed the thinking that there born amazing and perfect and they don’t make mistakes and also he was talking about how we just need to suck it up and learn from these mistakes. Another example is this phrase I got â€Å"Practice makes perfect† Well that’s not true at all because several people make mistakes everyday and everybody does. Nobody but Jesus is perfect on my outlook and we got to learn to live and deal with it or we will never make it or hopefully people will realize what there actually doing to there selves, others, the earth we will learn from our mistakes at last.